To my children, Slow Down

My wife shared this song/video with me this evening. Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman is an awesome reminder to all if us (guilty) who sometimes wish our children would hurry and grow up. The truth is, we don’t really want them to… At least not as fast as they actually do. 

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He used a fork, Sam didn’t

This is an edited version of the original. It’s about the same length, but I think it now reads better. Sam was finishing his after-school peanut butter and jelly sandwich when the phone on the kitchen counter rang. Sam answered, unraveling the phone cord. “Hey Mom. Thirty-five...

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Leap of passion

We all know what “leap” means but I still had to look up the definition. And, in blogging fashion, I plucked out what I cared about and disregarded what I didn’t (’cause I don’t care about other’s feelings… Ok, I really do).  The part I cared about for...

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One on None

“I don’t know, where do you think we should send her next year?” I answered. From the other end of the room my wife walked through the door, “Who are you talking to?” I slowly turned to look at her standing inside the doorway, staring at her for a moment perplexed...

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