Quote to know

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. ~Of Irish origin and has been traced back to the 1539 Collection of proverbs by R. Taverner. Also recently quoted in season two, episode one of the television show Mr. Robot (an awesome show if I do say so myself). 

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Evolution of a blog, mine

I’ve had a lot of time to write on my personal site, that is, I’ve had a long length of time owning this site and have had several bouts of genre changes coinciding with the evolution of my own life, family, and situations. Currently, this has simply become a personal outlet of fun...

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Our Week: We Got a Kitten

What a whirlwind week this was! Not only did Tami and I celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary (technically last Saturday) but we’ve turned things sideways in the Erickson house by acquiring a six-week old kitten; Theo. Contrary to what this photo shows, he really is a bundle of quick bursts...

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