Miami Vice feat. In The Air Tonight

We were having a visit down memory lane in the house this evening quizzing each other (well, Tami and I were) on differing theme songs to our favorite ’80s and ’90s television show themes.  While heading down said lane I found an iconic moment in 1980s Prime Time history: Phil...

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Mall Rats

Remember the days when being a mall rat was cool. Or, at least, we thought it was cool? Nah, me neither. Nonetheless, I bring you this great shot of three of my kids at a mall. Being cool. Or, maybe they’re just waiting for lunch. 

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Teaching Self: Python

I’ve begun teaching myself Python as a means to, well, teach myself something. I do have an ultimate plan/goal in mind. The only real motivation I have going for me, that is, a reason I have to finish my project, or even get it started, is my wife. In the end, I hope that the tool/app...

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Hyperbole, it’s life

hy·per·bo·le: nounexaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. I, of course, give this definition more for my own edification than yours. I admit, though I “knew” the word, I really didn’t know the word. However, now that I know what...

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DIY Rosie the Riveter Costume (How-To)

Following my earlier post on the DIY Jellyfish costume, I’d also like to show you how we make our Rosie the Riveter costume! As is usual, my wife finds the costume for the kids and I’m tasked with putting it together (it’s easier if I’m given a problem to work/fix then...

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