Coast Guard Tuition Assistance Update: Get your Masters with TA!

For your information... more on the Post 9/11 GI BillHow time flies when you’re sitting around waiting to go to school ‘eh? November of last year was the last major change in the Coast Guard’s Tuition Assistance program at which time brought the CG TA program back. However, it wasn’t what we’d come accustomed to.

The short of it: they dropped the amount they would pay from 100% to 75% per credit hour. For schools that offer military TA rates of $250 per credit that meant the service would pay $187.50 of the $250 and we’re left with rest. Honestly, that’s not too bad and surely better than nothing.

Another change that seemed to have stung a lot of people was cancellation of using the funds for a Master’s Degree. Well, as of last week (ALCOAST 065/14) that has been reversed. You can now use TA, still at the 75% (or $185.50) per credit hour, to get said Masters degree!

The Coast Guard has also removed the limit of only 6 credit hours per fiscal quarter. Though the message above doesn’t mention it the Coast Guard Institute’s info page notes the change. They also note that there are no changes to the caveat of being able to only get one degree of each type. That is, if you have a four year degree, you can’t get another. That also applies to undergrad and graduate. You still can’t use TA for a Doctoral level education either. From the site:

[I]f the applicant already has a bachelor’s degree, TA shall not be authorized for another bachelor’s degree even if the degree was obtained at a service academy, through the CG advanced education program, via grants or loans, VA benefits, or paid for out of the members own pocket).

Nonetheless, we’re all in a better place than we were a few weeks ago so far as it applies to education via Tuition Assistance.

*Note, this does not apply to our civilian workforce. :(

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