1. Crystal

    Use lifeshield. You take it with you.

  2. Diane A.

    Stay away from Trio Alarm in Virginia! We had the same thing happened to us and are now getting help through the Attorney General’s office

  3. billy bob

    So you are upset because you signed a service agreement, and moved to an area where Vivint was still able to provide said service? Its not like you moved out of the country (Which is common when people get orders) where they were not able to provide their end of the service agreement.

    If I sign a cell phone contract and move from one state to another where service is still provided they are not just going to agree to cancel my agreement.

    • 6/1/2014

      Mr. Bob,
      No, I was upset with the fact that I was told I would be able to exit my contract if I received orders out of my current duty station to one that was out of state. However, that was not the case. Instead, their rule is that you have to get transferred out of the country- a fact that was not elaborated upon when a contract was signed.

      Thanks for visiting.

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