Vivint does not stand behind their word to military member

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When we moved to Juneau in 2011 we went looking for an alarm company that would be good for us as a military family for the simple fact that we move a lot and didn’t want to be tied down to a contract if we had to move. We thought we found just that with the Vivint alarm company, however, we were wrong.

One of our criteria for an alarm company was that we’d be able to get out of the contract if we moved at the behest of the service (the Coast Guard in this case). We signed a contract for 36-months with the understanding (as told to us by the Vivint verified installer and the customer rep when we signed up) that we’d be able to cancel our service if we got orders to leave and without penalty. The answers was “of course” for both of these people, just “send us a copy of such orders and you’re done.” We didn’t think much of it as we’ve dealt with “military clauses” several times in the past; only having to show our transfer orders and we’re done with payments and out of any such contracts.

All was good until a month ago when I went to actually cancel our alarm service. We received orders to Virginia and will be leaving Alaska next month. I called on 11 April 2014 to cancel our service and was told that I’d qualify for a “special cancellation” if I just sent in a request to cancel with my customer number and a copy of my orders- that’s it. I did that and received an email confirming they’d received the request. I called today, a month later, to verify the service would be canceled. And guess what, it wouldn’t be.

Now to qualify for the “special cancellation” I was to get a letter from the base housing office or landlord stating that I couldn’t get the service installed in the new home thus letting me out of my contract. So now my request to cancel and a copy of my orders would no longer suffice. When I called the representative out on it he said he could “do me a favor” and put the billing on hold until such time I could find a place to live and potentially have the service installed there. I was told I could cancel if I had orders to transfer; not once, or twice, but three times. When we asked why different people are giving different answers Nathan, the customer rep, simply stated that “[Vivint] dropped the ball.” I do have such orders. I submitted them as requested, but now they’re trying to milk me for all they can. This is anti-military and against their own employees words.

To those looking for an alarm company, military service members or not, stay away from Vivint.

To close: Vivint, I will never recommend your company to anyone, especially military families, for an alarm company. Your idea of a military clause is aimed to get as much money out of people as possible by continuing to add more “hoops” to jump through for canceling and frankly it’s disgusting. You may not care that people serving in the military are your customers but we, as a whole, sacrifice our lives, time, and family life to allow your company to safely operate in this nation. If you’re not going to back the words of your employees and instead offer a ‘bait-n-switch’ move to get more money out of those who serve, well then, shame on you. Your service is not worthy of a positive recommendation. Oh, and we of course, have yet to receive the email that your customer rep said was sent regarding the cancellation we had to pay for (it’s been three hours now).

Also, I’m not the first person this has happened to. Almost the exact deceptive line of “just send in your orders…”

10 thoughts on “Vivint does not stand behind their word to military member

  1. Stay away from Trio Alarm in Virginia! We had the same thing happened to us and are now getting help through the Attorney General’s office

  2. So you are upset because you signed a service agreement, and moved to an area where Vivint was still able to provide said service? Its not like you moved out of the country (Which is common when people get orders) where they were not able to provide their end of the service agreement.

    If I sign a cell phone contract and move from one state to another where service is still provided they are not just going to agree to cancel my agreement.

    1. Mr. Bob,
      No, I was upset with the fact that I was told I would be able to exit my contract if I received orders out of my current duty station to one that was out of state. However, that was not the case. Instead, their rule is that you have to get transferred out of the country- a fact that was not elaborated upon when a contract was signed.

      Thanks for visiting.

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