Coast Guard

If Darth Vader wrote a Coast Guard OER

So what if the baddest of the baddies in the Star Wars universe had to write an OER? Well, someone out there took a guess… here’s a portion of the text: Skillfully planned massive effort for successful T&E of only known Death Star in the galaxy, selected planet, arranged logistics for viewing by multiple parties of interest & personally briefed Galactic Empire Emperor (GEE) on results; received anticipated response from Rebel Alliance, device to be Read more…

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Short Stories

He used a fork. Sam didn’t.

Warning! May be graphic to some readers. Contains domestic violence and language. Sam was finishing his after-school peanut butter and jelly sandwich when the phone on the kitchen counter rang. Sam answered, unraveling the phone cord. “Hey Mom. Thirty-five minutes? Sure, I’ll be ready.” Pausing for a moment he asked the rhetorical question, with a grimace, “Is he going to be there?” Upon receiving the answer he spoke his goodbye and hung up the phone Read more…

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