$8 a gallon, and you’ll like it!

Americans should be celebrating rather than shuddering over the arrival of $4-a-gallon gasoline.

I’m sorry, what? Well that’s what Chris Pummer on Market Watch is sayin’. Any you know, he may be right… We are too dependent on the “black gold.” So why is this a good thing?

  1. RIP for the internal-combustion engine
  2. Economic stimulus
  3. Wither the Middle East’s clout
  4. Deflating oil potentates
  5. Mass-transit development
  6. An antidote to sprawl
  7. Restoration of financial discipline
  8. Easing global tensions

For further clarification on what the above rambling of the EIGHT actually means check out the article on Market Watch.

And for clarification, yes, this is outside my normal rambling… it’s amazing what happens when you get board sitting at a garage sale. 😉

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