I’ll be further outnumbered with number 3 on her way

Well, that time is upon us here in the Erickson household to once again remind Dad who is really running the house. I will admit I often, well every day, feel as if I am out-numbered, and that number has officially increased as of yesterday… that is, on picture paper.

Tami was able to get into our local hospital for the military types, Portsmouth Naval (BIG place) to have our 20-week ultrasound completed. Mind you this is not a child-friendly hospital so while she was getting her belly oozed with the cold green jelly the girls and I went to the park to await the news of how Dad was, again, being further outnumbered.

As our friends and family are aware we don’t mind giving up the sex of our unborn children, however, the name shall remain a secret… but I’ll tell you her name won’t be
Ryan. Feel free to speculate though, it’s always nice to see what names people can come up with. Oh, and the due date is, as of now, January 4, 2009. 🙂

At least I still have my two male cats… though they’re afraid of their older sister… bummer for us.

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