Journal of a Cleaner (by life number)

Wall Number: 00017985/15724800

Today I got my new inscriber and inscriber pad. The man with gray hair took my last one when the wall number was 00021600/15724800. I’ve had that old inscribing pad since wall number 11517210/15724800. I fought them when they took it. I was punished again. My two fingernails are growing back though. The people with the masks took them at 00020240/15724800; it did not feel good.

Wall Number: 00015840/15724800

I’m so tired. I saw the light again today. It was the green one. I don’t think I’m ready to do this again. I saw the blue one yesterday. I had three days of the blue light last time. I can’t do a green light so soon.

The tools are ready. I am not. They don’t know what it does to someone to do this. Two green lights in three days. My wish to be better has not been received even though I ask for it in my mind like the instructions say. I still get the headaches on a green light day too. When I’m done, it’s gone. I don’t understand why I can’t have a blue light more often. Aren’t there others who can do this?

Remember when I wrote about that red light in my old inscribing pad? That was nice. I hadn’t felt that good in a long time. No headaches, no worries. The red ones are sparse, maybe they’re hard to make? With that last red one, it makes, what, nine? I wish there were more red lights; blue lights would be nice too. Not green.

Wall Number: 00014400/15724800

My tooth got chipped when I was doing my green work. I slipped on some wet tile. I remember slipping one time before on a polished concrete floor after finishing my green work. I hate the mess after working it’s so slippery. I wish I’d get a red light again. It’s a blue one right now, though. I got a message on the screen this morning to have my neck port checked; I hit it on a shelf when I slipped yesterday. It really hurts.

Wall Number: 00012240/15724800

The nice lady with the short hair looked at my port today. I like the way she smells. She said I’ll need my port replaced. She gave me a shot in my arm. I don’t feel really well right now. I’m sweating and I have a really bad headache again. It is not a red light headache, it’s different. It hurts in a different spot. I think I’m going to lay down.

Wall Number: 00008640/15724800

My food tray slider woke me up. My head doesn’t hurt very much anymore. I don’t like it when they give the shots with the white stuff in it. It always makes my head hurt. But when I wake up I’m so happy. It must be the sleep they let me have. I think I’ve been sleeping for a while because the light from the high window is the same as it was when the lady came in to give me my shot. The gray man will be coming today. The screen shows his face in the corner. They think they’re so clever.

Wall Number: 00004320/15724800

I got my inscriber back today. The man with the gray hair took my inscriber when he looked at my body a few days ago. It’s my only one. The man knew it was my only one. I had nothing to do. My white shot must have worn off. I’m not as happy today. Nor yesterday. Inscribing is the only thing I know to do when I’m not working. The screen used to show people talking and I could hear unseen people laughing. That stopped the first time I slipped.

Wall Number: 00001240/15724800

I got another green light today. It’s been a nice rest. But my headache has started again. It only starts when I see the green one. The nice lady with short hair also came to my room today and said when I was done working they would remove the port as I won’t need it anymore. That is good. I’ve had the port for as long as I remember. Maybe even since I was 15724800 number.

A man in black clothes with a white square on his throat came to see me when I awoke. He said he was sent by the gray hair man to give me my last rights. He never gave me anything, only said a lot of words. I tried to remind him to give them to me but he just ignored me when he left. I’m sure I’ll see him again. I need to go to work again. My tools are ready but I don’t like the mess I make when I scour bodies. There are few of us left. The man with the gray hair says they are sick and need to be cleaned to ensure they don’t get others sick. I hope I get a red light again soon. Rest is nice. Blue is ok too.

Wall Number: 11517210/15724800

I was given this inscribing pad today with a new inscriber. I was reading the entries before mine. That cleaner had the same headaches I do. I hope I don’t have a fingernail taken. I broke my own finger with a rock. I was told to break two at wall number 11618522/15724800 but I could only do one. It still hurts. The man with the glasses said I should write everything I’m feeling in the inscribing pad. He said I will start working soon too. I was given my sharpening stone and reaper today and will be trained on how to cleanse with it.

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