Following my earlier post on the DIY Jellyfish costume, I’d also like to show you how we made our Rosie the Riveter costume! As is usual, my wife finds the costume for the kids, and I’m tasked with putting it together.

We based our design on this costume found on Whipper Berry last year. Oddly enough I had no idea that the image I was shown was actually from a how-to until I looked for it for this post. Nonetheless, there are now at least two how-to posts for this costume.

So, how we did it: We used a single sheet of thin poster board (yellow of course), two sheets of standard blue construction paper, and printed letters.


Taking the two sheets of blue construction paper, I outlined a speech bubble based on the pieces by J. Howard Miller and simply cut along the lines. We used stick glue to glue it down. The tape was from tracing, but I pushed down too hard and didn’t want to risk it ripping trying to take it off. If doing this again, I’d use double sided sticky tape to make it a little cleaner. Then I could have done away with the scotch tape on the edges you can see in the close-up.

For the lettering, I ended up learning something new. There is no “font,” per se. for the “We Can Do It!” lettering. It was a painted work, not printed. Several fonts can be bought to match it- but I’m cheap. So I ended up using the Futura Narrow font in Microsoft’s Word. I had to play with the size a bit, but we ended up using 400 (either pt or px, not sure). Then it was a matter of spacing the letter right. I let my 10-year old (Liberty, pictured) do this as it was her costume. My thought was if it was messed up, it wasn’t my fault.


With the lettering on I realized, not for the first time mind you, that this thing was going to be flimsy. If I were able to start from the beginning, I would have gotten either some foam-board or 1/8" or 1/16" board to make it sturdy. However, I had to work with what I had. Here’s what it looked like after making it a little sturdier (right).

I used double-sided sticky tape to apply the material which was nothing more than a cardboard diaper box cut up and some paperboard from some frozen Quiche we cooked earlier in the day; scored and folded into triangles. I used the bottom cardboard to ensure the slots for the fastening were a little stronger. There’s no doubt that my daughter could have hulked out and ripped it in no time, but for the one night, it did the trick.

I then ran a piece of the cardboard up the center then placed one of the three triangle supports (made by just folding some smaller cardboard) along with it. Then for a little side support, I put two more up the side. In the end, as you can see on the left, it ended up working great. In fact, it was better than expected by far.

And finally, the ribbon to hold it in place. We simply used gift ribbon to keep on her back. I thought I might need something a little more durable, but as this was only going to be for a few hours, I didn’t worry about it too much. All in all, it worked out great. Just add a blue shirt, and a red bandanna and all will work out.

As I noted above, I think I would have used some foam-board to be a little sturdier, but our idea worked. Here’s a group of photos of the project.








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