Today, for only the second time in my not-really-a-career of online writing did I feel the presence of potential reprisal for something that I was about to publish. The first time was when I was told, in a not too settle of a way, to stop blogging about the Coast Guard in 2013.

Today’s thought of reprisal came about as I was about to publish a rant of sorts on the US’ current political “issues.” I debated with myself as to whether or not I should publish it for a good ten clicks of “publish” and “save as draft.” Then it hit me, I was scared to publish my thoughts on our government.

This has never really happened to me before. I’ve never felt as if my livelihood could ever be in jeopardy over my writing. Don’t get me wrong; I had my fair share of one-on-one closed door/phone conversations over the years about toeing the line with my writings. But I’ve also gotten support from the highest rungs of the service to even the balance.

But today, it was all self-induced. As a civil servant, I’m a little apprehensive to write anything that could be construed as offensive or disrespectful to/of the US Government. And even as a huge proponent of free speech, I’m all about keeping the peace and my job.

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