2017 Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar (final 2017 six-n-one update)

Updated (8 June ’17) version now available here.
We’re well into the first second month of 2017 and people are looking to plan their end of year celebration already… in Disney style of course.

Here’s the calendar in all its statistical glory, head to the other side for the verbiage, but the calendar can tell its own story too. If you’d rather download it here’s image link via Google Docs and here is the Sheets (Excel) link.

With that, most of the major sites have finished up their updates for the calendar year 2017 to include September through December! (Something that was missing a few months ago.) The red numbers are the updated ones from last time.

Here’s the latest update to my culmination calendar, with six of the most popular calendars out there, averaged out for the geek in all of us. The sites I used were:

What’s this sheet tell us this time around, well…

Do go:

  • The end of January into the first weeks of February are still good.
  • Perhaps the first two weeks of May too.
  • Then you need to sit tight until September, which looks good almost all month.
  • Finally, parts of November and the first part of * December look grand too.

Don’t go:

  • All of July is a tough time.
  • The first half of August is ill-advised too.
  • Then to round out the year, the Christmas holiday, the later part of December, is a no-go either.
  • I hope this calendar is useful to you.

I know many have enjoyed it thus far (or at least that what I’ve been told). My 2018 Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar will be coming out in a few months.

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