A weekend away (or, I got my pickled herring!)

We took a weekend away last weekend for the first time in years. We surprised the kids (with only a few days notice) that we were heading to Charlotte, NC to visit the American Girls store, the Lego store, and Disney store. And for the parents, we made a day at IKEA our thing.

Sadly, we didn’t really plan for any sightseeing except for our drive around the city from place to place. I think we’d enjoy more time there to explore so long as the heat stayed at bay. At any rate, here are some photos of the weekend…

Of note, though, I was a little upset with the Charlotte IKEA not having their “authentic” food bar (or whatever it’s actually called) as I was really hoping to get some pickled herring or lutefisk. However, I didn’t walk out completely empty handed.

^ The group photo as we await our snack with our dolls (even Jack got to use one).

^ Ellie wouldn’t stop drinking her doll’s drink.

^ Washing the babies.

^ Practicing her choke hold.

^ Selfie time…

^ Dad taking a photo of “Selfie time…”

^ And the best find of the trip? Yes! Pickled herring.

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