Annabelle, pictured above (from 2013), has been part of our family for almost 18 years. Tami and I got her when we were still dating- and she’s still here.

However, today we learned that our furball has gone blind. We’re not really sure why yet, it may be high blood pressure, but as of now we just don’t know.

We noticed something was going on about three weeks ago, that is, her pupils were HUGE. And since then she’s been kind of off. Walking into and along walls, missing the first step of the stairs, and she’s been passing by her food.

So today we brought her in, and yes. She’s blind. Now we need to change a few things. But not too many- we need to keep the house as much as the same as possible… she’s a smart cat and knows where everything is as of now. We just need to work around her life and hope that she doesn’t get hurt. And here’s to something new!

The interesting part will be when we move next summer.

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