Month: March 2017

25 Mar 2017 / Family

We did a day on the rope courses. I’m outta shape.

24 Mar 2017 / Family

Jack’s latest crafting project: The Googly Eyed Lion. It’s kinda cute if I do say so myself.

24 Mar 2017 / General

I hope that left a smile. It’s Friday after all. [js-disqus]

23 Mar 2017 / Crowd Calendar
21 Mar 2017 / Family

Asia’s teaching herself the basics of digital art with the simplest of tools: an iPhone, iPad-Mini, and a fine point stylus. Her work has gotten…

20 Mar 2017 / Music Review
19 Mar 2017 / General

It’s, um, snowing. (Chesapeake, VA)

17 Mar 2017 / Family

It’s a cold day out and what would the kids like for a treat? Yep, frozen yogurt. [eyes rollin’ on the floor here…]

17 Mar 2017 / Family
14 Mar 2017 / Family

We made our way to Bergey’s today to ensure we were able to partake in the annual Pi Day (March 14; 3.14, etc.) and got…