Straight out of the 80s. Those were my thoughts upon first listing to the Stranger Things, Vol. 1 soundtrack straight through. At the time I hadn’t seen the series nor did I even know it was set in the Eighties. Alas, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein did a great job ushering in the nostalgic thoughts of my childhood. However, after watching season one, I’m rather glad that wasn’t my childhood.

The flow of music on this 36 track album (all in total: one hour and nine minutes) is well arranged and easily flows together one track after the next.

After watching the series you can see/sense where the music is supposed to fit in. Even only watching each episode once I can visualize nearly every song in the appropriate scene.

The music itself is filled with time-period appropriate synthesizer sounds and just enough background base to make you feel the urgency of the scene when warranted.

But how does the album stand on its own, outside of a great background soundtrack? Wonderfully. This is one of my go-to albums when I need to get work done either writing/editing or writing code.

The opening theme, aptly titled “Stranger Things,” is a good starting block song to get you in the mindset of work and I think it easily makes the best case for an Eighties theme for the weird. “One Blink For Yes” is another great one, though it’s a rather distracting track too; however, I have to say that it’s usually very welcome as it always catches me by surprise and brings me back to reality. Sometimes good, sometimes, well, distracting.

Though most of the songs are generally short, it’s not a negative, it gives more time for the mind to go into other directions as your ears take you from a high tempo synthesizer embodied trip of upbeat-ness to lazer (with a “z”) sounds and drum machines that write their own stories of someone running for the hills.

I give this album a 4 out of 5 Christmas lights.

Also, be sure to check out the lesser known Stranger Things, Vol. 2 album for more songs to keep you in the concentration mood.

Bonus Opening Theme

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