Just plain knackered

Today’s word prompt almost seems as if it were selected for me: knackered. I’m sorry, what’s that? You may have thought. I’ll admit, as much as I pride myself on my personal lexicon, I didn’t know what knackered was. So, first things first; knackered simply mean “tired or wore out.” For Read more…

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Just a crappy day

I’m writing this post mainly for myself as a reminder of what a crappy day really is; While leaving the house this morning you slipped down the outside stairs as it was raining rather hard. Not only did you fall on your ass (ouch!) but your right hearing aid also Read more…

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Twenty-two April Seventeen (Earth Day)

Today is indeed Earth Day… a day to celebrate, well, our planet. But if you want to get technical about the day; Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day events in more than 193 countries are now coordinated globally by Read more…

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Nerdy Geekdom

How is Google Earth made?

It’s probably something you’ve never really thought about. Sure, you’ve seen the Google Steet Cars running around the world or perhaps your own town. From there the process was simple- they, well, just make Google magic! BAM! Google Earth is there. Of course, there’s a lot more too it than Read more…

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