Updated (8 June ’17) version now available here.
Wow! The 2018 updates came a lot sooner than I expected. With that, we now have all six sites accounted for in the calculations. However, not all six go all year. Undercover Tourist only goes a year out from when you’re looking at it (so, as of today, you can only see through March 2018) and WDW Prep School (both linked below) only covers the standard school year for 2018 (Jan-Jul). I will update this again in about a month or two to account for the new months from UT.

In the meantime, here is the most up-to-date calendar accounting for all six!

Here are the six sites (and links) that I used to get my final numbers. Note that only four of them have the full year and two, mentioned above, are a partial year. Again, I’ll update this in a few months with the latest data as it’s always changing.

For those of you interested in how the data work out you can view the raw data directly on Google Sheets.

To sum up what you’d see in the data; I convert all the differing sites to a five (5) point scale and then a simple average on them. When we were planning our trip last year it was driving me mad that all the sites had slightly different data and thus was born the aggregated crowd calendar.

I used to try and tell people when it was best to go, but really, the data speaks for itself. Happy planning all. And if I’ve missed a great site to use please let me know.

Bonus #1: You can check out the historical WDW weather data from The Weather Channel.

Bonus #2: Here’s the 2018 Federal Holidays list:

  • Jan 1 New Year’s Day
  • Jan 15 Martin Luther King Day
  • Feb 19 Presidents’ Day
  • May 28 Memorial Day
  • Jul 4 Independence Day
  • Sep 3 Labor Day
  • Aug 4 Coast Guard’s Birthday (ok, not a fed holiday, but good info to know)
  • Oct 8 Columbus Day
  • Nov 11 Veterans Day
  • Nov 12 Veterans Day (observed)
  • Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day
  • Dec 25 Christmas Day

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Jennifer · 13 Apr 2017 at 00:36

This is such a cool idea! Only minor complaint is the color coding. Blue should be better than green, because of the color wheel. Or else change the green to darker green and change the blue to yellow green.

    ryan · 13 Apr 2017 at 06:30

    Noted for the next version, thank you.

Tammy · 3 May 2017 at 18:31

Thanks, Ryan! This is awesome! My go-to calendar is touringplans.com but I always check at least one of the group you use, since TP’s history-based predictions aren’t always accurate. If there is no historical precedence they can be way off.

    ryan · 3 May 2017 at 21:41

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad it’s of use to the masses. ~r

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