“bright with sunlight.” Those three words are the definition of sunny a single word that, depending on when and where you are, can change in meaning. I remember my first summer in Kodiak, AK and noticing how sunny it was at the height of Summer Solstice… it was still “sunny” at one in the morning. Well, not really sunny per se, but it was bright enough that you could see everything; just past that point of needing your headlights to remain safe.

Moving to the Mid-Atlantic area I’ve found that sunny, again in the summer months, is usually preceded by “and muggy.” I’m not a big fan of the southern sun of Virginia. When it’s sunny, or actually, even if it’s not, the summers here are less than fun. It’s just too gross for this northern family. Nonetheless, sunny is still welcome, even here, come the winter months.

We do enjoy a good sunset no matter what time of the year it is, it’s the waning of the sun that makes the best photos.

It’s a matter of perspective I guess.

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dennyho · 28 Jun 2017 at 17:58

Virginia has a hot, humid climate…but the colorful landscapes and historical aspects make up for this. Hope you get to see some of the beauty beyond your Portsmouth.

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