My wife was sent a link to a post on BoredPanda about creating tiny origami cranes and shared it with our daughter Asia. And that’s all it took to get her gears turning and fingers moving to see if she could create her own “tiny origami cranes.” Well, she could, and did. (Though she thinks it’s cheating when using tweezers. I still think it’s cool!)


^ This is a standard 2×4 Lego brick and that, sitting on top, is her crane created from a 1cm square piece of origami paper.


^ Here it’s sitting all by itself on the table. She tried to go even smaller using a .5cm piece…



In the end, she made one wrong fold (the wings, second to last fold) which brought upon the doom of the .5cm project. I think she can do it given the time and want… but that 1cm crane is pretty darn cool on its own.

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