I had the opportunity to go to Finland for work visiting both Turku and Helsinki. Over the course of two weeks, returning a week ago today, I visited the Nagu Coast Guard Station in the western archipelago and took a ride on some of their toys while also getting to see a spectacular sunset. A ride on the Super Puma helo was quite nice, seeing the area from the air puts the place into a whole different perspective.

The main reason for the visit was to share experiences and exchange information on us/their Search and Rescue programs. We spent most of our time in the two Rescue Coordination Centers (RCC) (well, really, one RCC and one MRSC) Finland operates. I walked away with a huge appreciation for the job they do and how well they do it.

Enough reading, here are the photos…

Week One: Turku (click on the photos to get a description)

Week Two: Helsinki

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