Many of my short-weird-stories I write come from WordPress’ The Daily Post which as of late has been giving single word writing prompts. Usually, I can spin a quick story from the single word. Today’s word, imagination, even got me into the mood with a good story, but it went a little long (I was having fun writing that one, I’ll post it soon).

Instead, I offer you my answer as to what imagination can do for you. One’s thoughts can bring them to distant worlds that don’t exist (yet) or perhaps let you be someone you thought you couldn’t be. An imagination helps those with severe anxiety cope with it; it’s an outlet for what might be on the other side or a window into the lives of those who haven’t gone to the other side.

Imagination can bring you anywhere at anytime. Need to confront that ass at work without getting fired. Write a story about it. What about that step-dad you hate? Work out your aggression via a story.

My point is, your imagination, whether you think so or not, is an outlet for feelings, wants, and hopes. Or, for some, it’s a plea for help. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Nonetheless, we all need the imagination to get along with ourselves in this world.

photo credit: Leonard J Matthews


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