The title should really read Super Easy Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers, but it didn’t look right in bold up there. I call these "Super Easy" because I DON’T cook. No, really, I don’t. My wife has always taken care of the kids and me when it comes to food. But it’s mostly because she doesn’t like it when I/we make a mess of her kitchen.

Well, she’s gone right now. So I’m trying my hand at cooking. And as it so happens my friend gave me a bag of fresh jalapeno peppers today. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, after all, my wife is gone. But alas, I figured it out.

This is a super easy recipe that combines a few items from a few different places and all-in-all took me about 45 minutes (cleaning the peppers out took the longest). What I used:

  • 15(ish) fresh jalapeno peppers
  • Organic Cream Cheese
  • Trader Joe’s Bacon
  • Trader Joe’s Everything Bagle Seasoning (uber good)

First things first preheat that oven to 400 degrees.

So each pepper is going to make two snacks as I cut them in half. After cutting I removed the white membrane and "most" of the seeds. I wasn’t too picky about this as I like some of the hot seeds in mine.


With each cut in half, I put just enough cream cheese in each to not overfill it. If you do you run the risk of your pepper snacks being messy (yes, messier then with just the bacon).


You’ll notice in my photos I have some with bacon, and some without. I was trying out a non-meat option as we have vegetarians in the house. And it came out great!


With the peppers stuffed I took one piece of bacon per half-pepper being sure to have the ends wrapped under it to hold it down. You can use toothpicks if you need to, but be sure to soak them in water for about 10 minutes prior, so they don’t burn up.


For the non-bacon peppers, I added them to the baking sheet and sprinkled the Trader Joe’s Everything Bagle seasoning on them. In hindsight, I think I would have added the seasoning to the bacon ones too (or just mixed it into the cream cheese for all).


After all is laid out, and with the oven ready to rock at 400 degrees, I placed the sheet into the oven for 10 minutes. This didn’t brown the peppers as some people like, so if you’re looking for browning, it’ll need to sit in the heat a little longer.


BAM! They’re ready. And delicious they are.


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