6. Darts


Aja swung around at the base of the stairs to an explosion of red, the ear-piercing sounds of rapid gunfire, and a mute visual of her sister Lilly mouthing "Run!"

Lilly followed her sister's movement on the level below knowing the plan of action perhaps even before Aja did. There was no stopping her; it was the option for survival. A leap of faith.

Her concentration on Aja was broken at the sight of Lada's body being thrown against the wall, an elongated dart sticking out from the left upper chest followed by the sound of a single rifle shot echoing throughout the silo. Even before Lilly could reach out to her sister, she felt a searing pain embroil her right leg and the deafening sound of a close range pistol ringing in her head. Falling to the ground in pain the last thing she remembered seeing at that moment was three men approaching Ekko and Jareth before her sight when fuzzy.

"God damn it!" Lilly could hear Holliday yelling. "I said darts. John, come here, give me your side-arm."

At the sound of a final gunshot Lilly's mind and ears when silent.

"See to it that someone cleans this up," said Holliday to the head of his security detail John. "Just throw this incompetent idiot over the side, we're leaving." He turned around seeing two filled nets squirming with the likes of a captured raccoon. On his left was a net with only half of a little girl, unable to control her powers quite yet. "Sedate them both, but be especially careful around this one," he said squatting down in front of Jareth's net.

"Hmph. He's just a scrawny kid," said one of the guards with an air of overconfidence.

Holliday remained stonefaced then pursed his lips slightly. "I want his gloves," he said to the guard without a hint of hesitation. "Now."

The guard, slinging his carbine onto his back knelled down putting a knee across the net bag to control Jareth before unlocking the pinched end. Reaching into the bag, he grabbed the yellow glove from Jareth's right hand and inspected it.

"It's just a dishwashing gl- AARGH!" the man screeched.

Jareth had reached out to the man's bare skin between his glove and tactical blouse with a grip unlike he'd ever done before. The guard raised his other hand into fist preparing to punch Jareth on the ground before he was kicked in the head by John forcing Jareth to let go of his victim.

The cocky guard ripped off his balaclava and began to puke uncontrollably on the grated floor in the fetal position.

"That," Holliday began, "is what I mean when I say these kids are extremely dangerous. Do any more of you want to see what they can do?"

The area was silent save for the heaving sounds from the incapacitated guard. "Good, now bag up the kid and sedate him. We're moving out of here. And as for these two," he paused taking the time to look at the shot guard and the puking guard, "throw them both over the side. There of no use to us now.

This is part of my short web-serial, fiVe. Read the rest of the series here.

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