A complete life from A to Z

Our life is similar to the alphabet, it's not complete unless it's complete. Honestly, I'm not trying to get all philosophical about life (however, if I am the first to say that, I'll take the credit for it).

As I was commuting into work this morning, I noticed a sign announcing that "cofe no available" at a corner store. Before passing the judgment of a grammar-overlord I was sure there was an explanation, perhaps the sign owner was in the middle of getting the missing letter or something along those lines. All I know for sure is it would have been a lot easier to understand if all of the letters were there.

That coincidently led my thoughts to the down the proverbial rabbit hole of "hmm, kind of like life." It's far from untrue though; we can't have a complete life unless is complete. The big question that remains, and it is indeed independent of each individual, is, what completes your life?

None of us have the same personal standards of what completes us. My wife and I are a good match for one another; besides the fact we've been married for almost 20 years, we are two very different people. Our standards of what completes are both different, yet have similarities (i.e., our love for one another, our children, and core values). But in the end, that which completes us (and you) is dependent upon the individual.

We're all in the same situation, that is, what is our A-Z that will make our days, years, and lives complete? Next time you have a moment to yourself, or a reflective moment with the one(s) you love, think about what it is that completes you and yours.

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