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16 Jul 2017 / Daily
14 Jul 2017 / Daily
10 Jul 2017 / Daily

This little monkey, henceforth known as Ellie, couldn’t get enough of the tire swing some friends of ours had hung in the yard.  She was…

3 Jul 2017 / Daily

I won’t lie, it’s hot. Really hot. And as a family, we’re not too keen on jumping into the humidity and getting sticky. I will…

25 Jun 2017 / Daily

Just another warm day turned into another play day. 

23 Jun 2017 / Daily
21 Jun 2017 / Daily

Liberty and I caught a production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing being put on by the Fine Arts Dept of Tidewater Community College this evening.…

18 Jun 2017 / Daily
17 Jun 2017 / Daily

This was actually from earlier this week, however, I’ve been neglecting posting photos- or anything really- on here this week. I’ve been preoccupied with life as it…