Conveyor Lady

For the most part, it was smooth. Though worn in a few areas, it was in its peak-prime-shape for sure. Sliding along on its rollers the sound was soothing to Tasha who'd just finished her daily inspection of the life of the plant.

The line, better known to you an I as a conveyor belt, made the difference of only eight seconds from one end to the other as compared to walking, but in the fast pace world of aglets, it made the difference between one more box filled. Two dollars and seventy-two cents extra profit for the day.

Tasha went about her inspections of investigating the seams of the belt that never seemed to wear as they once did. Perhaps she'd gotten so good at her job that the metal and rubber that made of her life's work was finally able to be mastered by the "Conveyor Lady."

"And if I can have your attention over here folks you can see that our original conveyor system is still in working order," came a voice over a crackling megaphone. "You can see that the entire line was able to fit into this one small warehouse, however, as Anderson Aglets rapidly took over the aglet market we had to move operations. This location was replaced by the one next-door about 25 years ago. But it's working just as well as it did back then.

"Ok, now everyone, follow me and watch your step, I'm going to shut off the lights as we exit," the voice finished with a click of blackness.

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