Dragon's Blood and Alphas

Detective Don Aten arrived at his desk and put his coffee on the already coffee-stained paper coaster near the edge. Taking his jacket off to place it on the back of his chair he scanned the near-empty office space. Short of the new intern in the corner working to catalog and digitize the precinct records, the Station was empty of Officers and Detectives.

Aten placed his hand on the newly formed pile of file folders as he sat on his squeaky chair. This thing gets louder every time I sit down, he thought. He ran his finger down the stack counting the hard spines of the folders, lucky thirteen. Eleven were green, one yellow, and one red on top. Moving the red and green ones to the side Aten opened up the first green folder while leaning over to turn on his desk lamp; he recognized the name on the front page right away, Vogt.

Tony Vogt, an older Feral was well known in Boston and kept to himself. He was far from an immediate threat to anyone. His 134th Birthday had just past a few weeks ago, and though yes, he was a vampire, he wasn’t much more of a threat than older human men.

Aten’s desk-mate, Jay Tilden, rolled in pulling his wheelchair up to his desk and unloading his bag from his lap to different drawers in his desk. “More dead vamps ‘eh?” said Tilden glancing at the pile. “How’d that one go?”

“Like the rest,” said Aten without looking up. He quickly went through the stack of grey folders and then the other two colors, “They’re all the same. Heads lopped off at the base of the neck. But,” he paused for moment skimming the top green and the red folder. “Like the ones from a few days ago, the bodies were left as is, no posing. Even the Mirror was unceremoniously left on the floor.”

Picking up his coffee Aten sat back in his chair taking a sip and looking out the window at the gloomy Monday skyline. Putting his coffee down he opened his drawer and pulled out a small beat-up notebook that he’d been carrying around for the better part of ten years. He jotted down some information and mumbled out some calculations.

“What’s that,” Tilden said not looking up from his own reports.

“Um, oh, I was just adding this… you know, with this stack here, we’ve had almost 150 vamps killed in the downtown area over the last two months.”

“Well better them and us. I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy for their type. After the uprising a few years ago do you think any humans, normal humans, are going to feel any sympathy at the death of those bloodsuckers?” said Tilden. “There is little room in my heart for their type.”

“That as it may be Jay, it’s illegal to kill even the Stalkers. Yet, someone is killing Ferals, Stalkers, and Mirrors like it’s a sport. But without any noticeable reason nor any trace of evidence at any scene-“

“So it’s a vamp killing vamps,” said Tilden.

“What, what do you mean?” said Aten.

“If there’s no evidence, nothing, then you’re dealing with a well-groomed Mirror, or at least that what I’d suspect.”

Sitting there pursing and biting his lips Aten took Tilden’s thoughts into consideration. It could be just that simple.

Swirling his coffee around within his cup, Aten stood up. “I’m getting a refresh; you want any Jay?”

Tilden glanced up and waved him off. As Aten began to walk away, his desk phone rang forcing him to turn on his heal and head back to his desk. “Detective Aten,” he said after picking up the phone.

“Detective, my name is Dr. Dan Conroy, and I work with the FBI as a consultant of sorts out of the Houston, Texas office. I was wondering if you had a moment to discuss a rash of vamp murders we’re having down here. I read a report on the eight killings last week in Boston and think they may be connected.”

“Mister Con- I mean, Dr. Conroy, what exactly do you consult on with the FBI? Especially with regard to vamps; that’s a local issue, isn’t it?”

“It would remain a local issue if the vamps were just killing each other. However, we’ve stumbled across a few humans that were killed in the same fashion as the vamps. Heads severed at the base of the neck.”

“Well, my colleague and I were discussing a few more murders that happened yesterday and last night. I could be the work of a Mirror,” said Aten.

“I was thinking the same thing,” said Conroy. “However, I think we may have a bigger issue than a Mirror killing vamps and humans. Do you have any of the case files on you now?

“I do,” affirmed Aten.

“Flip to the autopsy report. Any body parts missing?’

Opening up the Vogt case folder Aten flipped the last section skimming over the autopsy report. He opened another and did the same. He opened the red folder, a Mirror case, and read it too. “They’re all missing their C-7 vertebrae. Who does that?”

“It’s not a who Detective, it’s a what,” said Conroy. “And we know what that what is, you’ve just confirmed the existence of another.”

“Existence of a what, another what?” said Aten.

“There’s a team in Miami that was doing some research on Mirror lineage when they came across a unique species that had supposedly died out hundreds of years ago. Have you ever heard of the Alpha?” said Conroy.

“I have,” said Aten. “But as you stated, they’ve been dead a long time. And the spine thing, that makes no sense.”

“Actually, it does,” said Conroy. “The C-7 contains trace amounts of dragon’s blood, more commonly known as mercury sulfide today. The human body started producing this in the C-7 only about two-hundred years ago. It’s very toxic, but it lays dormant in the vertebra if not disturbed. Vamps have a larger chunk in their C-7. Alphas thrive on this stuff. It’s illegal to purchase on the open market, and though killing is illegal in its own right, it’s easier to do than to buy dragon’s blood in bulk.”

“So their killing for food?” said Aten.

“No, I say more for power. Their powers extended with this stuff.”

“Powers?” said Aten.

“All we know is, well, we think, they can turn transparent. Not really invisible, but close enough when they do it at night. With mercury sulfide in their system, they can make the effects last longer. The worst part, there are no identifiers unlike Mirrors,” said Conroy.

“You’re thinking they look exactly like humans then, not missing earlobes are anything? Do you have any information on these things? Do they have a look or anything?” pressed Aten.

“Detective, I have nothing. It’s only a theory as of now and the words of some people who are scared in Miami. No photos, no description other then he’s white and a he,” said Conroy.

“What do you need from me then Doctor?”

“Nothing yet, I just wanted to verify some hunches with you. Do you have a team, or is it just you?” asked Conroy.

“It’s just me on the streets. My partner comes along when able, but he’s not doing too much walking these days.”

Doctor Conroy and Aten finished their conversation deciding the meat one another as soon as next week. Aten put the phone down on the receiver slowly, letting out an exasperated “shit.”

Thanks Reddit for the idea.

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