The rain battered the metal roof like a needle gun chipping away at layers of paint. The sound of each drop rang in her ears upon every touch of water to metal. The cold damp room was suffocatingly small and dark.

A line of light shone at her feet. So dim it made nothing clear in the empty space. She was unable to sit up without hitting her head on the roof, nor could she bend to touch her cold feet. Feeling around the tiny room she could feel a metal rod bent at one end and tapered at the other; above her head was a package of cylinders of which smelled like sulfur. The rain remained a continual tone of pounding nearly severe enough to stop the thought processes of the average mind. But Tina's minds was not average.

Tina Poe was a genius in mind and thought. The last place she remembered being was in an Uber en route an invitation-only physics event at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Leaving her hotel in Crystal City, Tina met her Uber outside of the Hilton and they were on their way through an intersection before they were hit from the passenger side of the little Ford Focus.

Now she lay in a near coffin room with a downpour outside without shoes and only a t-shirt and thin pants; not her pants. She was wearing a casual meeting ensemble upon entering her ride to discuss the future of kinetic energy harnessing for the terrestrial to space elevator project.

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