A journal entry written by a slave in November 2028;

It was just after 9 o'clock on Tuesday morning when I walked up to the polls for the 2018 midterm elections which had the potential to decide the fate of the nation from 2019 through the next election and beyond. I'd been through several elections and stood in line at differing venues to cast my vote. But that morning, standing outside of the Crawford Street Elementary School, was one of the best experiences voting I'd ever had.
The people were orderly, generally nice considering the muggy November weather, and there was a sense of civic duty being portrayed by everyone in line; it was their job to vote for the future of this country. Standing in line wasn't all that bad either, I recall I was there for about an hour before we were near the desk checking our ID and affiliation. You know, the normal voting process. The machines were new too. I don't know too much about voting machines per se, but these were new. And from a company I did not recognize, ITI.
Voting was easy enough, the ballets were being recorded via the digital voting machines and were touchscreen. I exited the booth and grabbed my obligatory I Voted! sticker. However, this was where the normalcy of Election Day ended.
Everything seemed normal for the day with the exception that there was a mandatory holiday granted for this year's elections. All major offices were government ordered not to open and government offices were closed with the exception of those who's jobs were vital to National Security and Life and Safety; if you weren’t working in one of these sectors, you didn't go to work. It was even more of a holiday than Christmas, nothing was open save for polling stations and first responder stations.
The oddity of the elections continued into the next day, Wednesday and the next. As offices opened around the country there was alarming news being made that hundreds of thousands of people were deathly ill and nearly as many already dead. By Friday it was apparent that nearly a fifth of the U.S. population was dead and another fifth dying, at the time, that was 12+ million people. It was nearly deemed an event of extinction.  
Less than a week later I recall it was determined that those who voted opposite of the current administration, voting for those who could oust the sitting President, were poisoned at the polls. I don't recall anyone finding out how, or being able to pin it on the party of the time, but there was no doubt in the minds of many as to who was responsible.
Even now, ten years later, I recall many of the details. In hindsight I really do wish I would have voted the other way, at least then I would have been put out of my misery. Instead, I write this journal entry from Camp 72 in Palm Beach, FL supporting our leaders Mar-a-Lago estate. I miss my family.