So what if the baddest of the baddies in the Star Wars universe had to write an OER? Well, someone out there took a guess… here’s a portion of the text:

Skillfully planned massive effort for successful T&E of only known Death Star in the galaxy, selected planet, arranged logistics for viewing by multiple parties of interest & personally briefed Galactic Empire Emperor (GEE) on results; received anticipated response from Rebel Alliance, device to be further developed & used to crush the Rebel Alliance & allow the Galactic Empire to rule the Galaxy.

To read the whole thing check out the PDF here. It'll be worth your time, trust me.

Do note, first, that this is on legacy OER form; and second, I did not write this (though I’d love to take the credit). I posted it once several years ago, but it was lost in the shuffle of hosting platforms. And no, I don’t recall who I got it from originally. Nonetheless, it’s awesome.