Nextcloud Talk Setup

First things first, this is basically a copy/paste of one of my go-to sites for Nextcloud issues, Carsten Rieger's This post is for a particular function within Nextcloud, Nextcloud Talk. All credit goes to Carsten, I'm posting this here for my personal use so if his site (or page) goes down I still have something to go by when/if I need to reinstall Talk.

This is one of the best and easiest walk-throughs (like most of his) to get Talk up and running. Note: this is using Ubuntu, I use Ubuntu 18.04 on my RPi This is using NextcloudPi and Nextcloud 15.0.2 (Updated 16 Jan '19). Here's his info (replacing his use of the vi editor with what I use, nano):

First switch into sudo mode and install coturn as your TURN server:

sudo -s

apt install coturn

Modify the coturn configuration file

nano /etc/default/coturn

[remove] the leading ‘#’ at the beginning of “TURNSERVER_ENABLED=1”

# Uncomment it if you want to have the turnserver running as
# an automatic system service daemon

Create your personal secret by issuing

openssl rand -hex 32

[copy this number and hold on to it for a min]

Now move the default turnserver.conf and create a new one:

mv /etc/turnserver.conf /etc/turnserver.conf.bak && nano /etc/turnserver.conf

Paste the following rows


[Replace] the exemplarily static-auth-secret 1212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212 with your generated one and the dummy url (, in three places) with your Nextcloud url.

Open ports 3478 and 5349 (UDP & TCP) in ufw (you are running ufw, right?)

ufw allow 3478/tcp && ufw allow 3478/udp && ufw allow 5349/tcp && ufw allow 5349/udp

[You also need to forward your ports above (via your router) to your machine.]

Then restart your TURN Server and NGINX

service coturn restart && service nginx restart

[Now me talking here]

Head to your Apps and add the Talk module. Once that's activated go to your setting page and towards the bottom you should see the Talk menu. It'll look like this(ish)

Using the above, section 1 and section 2 will be the address of your Nextcloud server (e.g., with the added port of 5349. So, for this example, it should read Section 3 above you will paste the hex 32 code that you generated earlier. That's it (leave the Signaling server section alone).

You can now download and open the Nextcloud Talk app on iOS and Android, login with your Nextcloud credentials, and have a secure conversation with the meta-data remaining on YOUR server. And it's all encrypted. Win!

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