I took a photo: Road in the Woods

This was taken in Juneau, AK just off of Mendenhall Lake with a Canon 3Ti just after the Spring weather started.… »

A doppelgänger to the end

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm clock blares in my ear. I crack my eye to see it’s 0530; sigh…. I roll my limp body to the edge of the… »

I took a photo: Tan Army Man

The Tan Army Man, or men if you will, seem to always win the battle of the lawn mower. That is, they're normally saved as opposed to their plastic green… »

A parental quote...

I was listening to The Doors' "The End" last night when a single line stuck out to me: "All the children are insane." Yes. Yes, they… »

I took a photo: Spider (iPhone 7+)

This spider looked hungery, but it was nice enough to pose for a moment. I took a photo of a spider outside my house this evening. He (she?) seemed to… »