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28 Apr 2017 / Prompt

Today’s word prompt almost seems as if it were selected for me: knackered. I’m sorry, what’s that? You may have thought. I’ll admit, as much as…

26 Apr 2017 / General

Now, back to doing whatever it is you thought you were supposed to be doing.

25 Apr 2017 / General

I’m writing this post mainly for myself as a reminder of what a crappy day really is; While leaving the house this morning you slipped…

23 Apr 2017 / Daily

Ellie testing her father. :/

23 Apr 2017 / Nerdy Geekdom
22 Apr 2017 / Daily
21 Apr 2017 / Nerdy Geekdom

It’s probably something you’ve never really thought about. Sure, you’ve seen the Google Steet Cars running around the world or perhaps your own town. From…

21 Apr 2017 / Dad Blog

I was listening to The Doors’ “The End” last night when a single line stuck out to me: All the children are insane. Yes. Yes,…

20 Apr 2017 / Daily
19 Apr 2017 / Daily