What can an imagination do for you?

Many of my short-weird-stories I write come from Wordpress' The Daily Post which as of late has been giving single word writing prompts. Usually, I can spin a quick story… »

They were wrong about mankind's lifespan

This morning the news feeds were all reporting the same thing. No matter what planet you were on, or channel on that planet, it was all the same: Science gets… »

0. An Incident (Part I)

Nobody paid attention to the two men walking into Commonly Bank’s tall glass building in the middle of Melbourne save for a few people at the door walking out.… »

2018 Walt Disney World 7 in 1 Consolidated Calendar (January 2018 edition)

I'm back with an update (last one in October '17) to the WDW consolidated calendar. Not going to kill you with the minutia of details, but below are the seven… »

Adding NextCloud to your Raspberry Pi (two methods)

It's no secret that I like messing around with my Raspberry Pi to see if they can perform as well as our other computers in the server world. I don't… »