Sometimes it's right in front of you

Most of us have heard the phrase "if it were any closer, it would've bit you," or at least some variation of this. I make a note of this because it dawned on me that looking afar for the answers isn't always the best way to go. Sometimes, that answer that you seek is right in front of you ready to bite.

Coming to this conclusion has nothing to do with actually looking for the answers to anything in particular. I was on the treadmill doing my best impersonation of a two-legged hamster while staring out the window. Through my headphones was the voice of Timber Hawkeye talking about focusing on the teachings and not the teacher (he has a great podcast!). As I was listening to the words, I was also mesmerized by the shapes of the trees across the field from our local YMCA. The way their branches weaved in an out of the trees next to them; the intertwining of nature using the trees themselves and the animals that call those trees home.

Catching my-uncoordinated-self from falling off the treadmill I refocused on the windows directly in front of me to find an entire eco-system of life on the sills. I watched a spider moving back and forth working their web on the right. To the left was another web with a fly struggling to break free (no doubt from being a meal later). Upon the land between the building and the farthest trees were a few birds landing, perhaps for a lunch of their own.

The point of this, as stated above, is you don't always need to look beyond what's right in front of you to find that something you're looking for. Sometimes, without even trying, you'll see the beauty of something, the thing you didn't realize you needed, or perhaps that exact thing you were indeed looking for, right in front of you.

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