The 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Season Starts Today: GO!

'tis that time of year. Christmas is over and a New Year has begun which can only mean that it's time to support your local Girl Scout troop through their annual cookie sales!

Bottom Line Up Front: If you haven't been visited by a Girl Scout or seen them at a Cookie Booth (later in February) then you can order online (order from Lena and/or Liberty) to have them delivered to you for free (if you're local) or shipped directly to your door.

Donate! You can also donate cookies through a purchase either online or in person; this year the troop is donating online donation sales to the USO though the Gift of Caring program. In person donations will be giving to a local organization.  

The money the girls make goes towards troop activities such as camping (real camping, in the woods), team building activities, purchasing patches, and attending leadership seminars with Girl Scout leaders. It's all in an effort to get the girls ready to be successful in real world.

This is a great cause, and it's taught our girls so many things like goal making, planning, and team work (their leaders are pretty awesome too). We thank you for your support, either directly to our girls or the Girl Scouts in general, you're making a difference.

Oh, and another positive of this year, no new cookies to learn and the prices remain the same as last year. Woot!


Opening Day of the 2018 Cookie Season... no snow for 2019! YESSS!
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