The territory of ryanerickson

The subject of today's The Daily Post was a tough one for me. The single word "prompt" was simply territory. Which moved my mind to immediately think of land, or better yet, country. A country. A country's territory.

Nope. Too much political undertones to that one.

But later this afternoon it hit me as I was asked by a co-worker if all of my digital names were that of "ryanerickson." This site is such, so is my Twitter handle of @ryanerickson. I almost had the Facebook address of but was about a half-hour too late (I tried the day they came out many moons ago). Then it hit me: my name is my territory.

Yes, I know, there are many Ryan Erickson types out there. Some good (like me) some not so good (do a Google search on Father Ryan Erickson...  NO RELATION).

Nonetheless, in terms of "territory" ryanerickson is mine. Well, at least some of them. There's a lot of digital space out there and a lot of social networks to gravitate to. I admit, as I've gotten, um, wiser, the race to get my name on every new network has waned (btw, that's the second time I've used that word in writing something today). However, at this point, I'm pretty content with where my name is in the digital domain. Especially since it's my territory.

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