The totally not true story of the U.S. and Canadian Border War of 1780

This is the story of the border dispute between the Cat King of the Colonies of the United States, Joe (grey 'n fluffy), and the Canadian Governor of the Province of Quebec, Jose (hairless). Yes, Jose, a Spanish name in a French speaking area. It's my story, not yours.

Now, little is known as to what led to the border war between the newly established United States and Canada, but we do know that it was Jose who declared the boarder unjust for his province and declared that the boarder shall be moved from the northern edges the Great Lakes to the area now known as Wisconsin on the grounds that the open-range mice were being horded by the U.S. in the area. Joe was not about to take this laying on his back waiting for a belly rub. He gathered his feline forces and ridding upon dog-back he led the forces to the lands currently known as Minnesota.

Joe and Jose met whisker to whisker but no record of what they said to one another is known; nobody who could record the event could speak cat. But what is known is Joe amassed his forces upon the boarder and methodically drove Jose and his forces East towards Lake Superior forcing them to take flight upon a small fishing fleet bound for Windigo Island.

It's said that at one time cat's outnumber humans fifteen to one. But the last time the current government surveyed the island there were only a handful of cats remaining. It was noted, however, that many of the residence wear cat fur clothing.

And that is the story of how the U.S. boarder remained where it is today. Joe out-maneuvered the Spanish named French-Canadian cat, Jose. Thank you Joe.

This is one of the many quick stories I've told the kids before bed given their help with names and plot.

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