They were wrong about mankind's lifespan

This morning the news feeds were all reporting the same thing. No matter what planet you were on, or channel on that planet, it was all the same: Science gets it wrong by about nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand five hundred years; humankind will not be present on Earth by the year's end.

A pretty big mistake if you ask me. You'd think that by 2518, they could get it right. We, as a species, figured out interdimensional space travel and congregated on no less than seven new planets (five of which were immediately inhabitable). But how did they not see this one coming?

I don't think I have any family left on Earth, the last of the known family departed about two-hundred years ago. I've personally only been there once, but that was on a field trip when I was in primary school some one-hundred and ten years ago. We visited the Statue of Liberty's Torch Island. It was amazing that below the water was an entire statue. It was about forty years ago the last time anyone saw the torch. Water has covered my family's home on Austrailia for almost two-hundred years; hence the reason the Erickson's departed for good from Earth.

Most of us now live on a planet tentatively named I-156. There's a big push from the government to change the name to Viridi. Anything will be better than a letter and numbers.

It's too bad that more people won't be able to visit Earth. It was once a beautiful place from what the pictures show. However, over the last several hundred years minimal land left people living in slums. Now, the sun's drying the entire planet out and soon enough; it'll be burnt to a crisp.

Here's to a future of all man and womankind throughout the entire inhabited universe and beyond.

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