Who knew that using the CLI, or Command Line Interface, would actually make life better than clicking a mouse button. Well, ok, there's a lot of you out there who already know this. It's a new thing to me.

At any rate, I've begun to find that sometimes, it's just easier to use the CLI to get tasks done. Case it point, for whatever reason my instance of Nextcloud wouldn't update via the built in update screen from 15.0.2 to 15.0.4. However, using a little Google-fu I found what I needed to get it done via the command line.

Open up terminal and navigate to your Nextcloud folder's updater directory. My folder is not in the standard location.

cd /var/share/nginx/nexcloud/updater

Then call the updater.phar file with

sudo -u www-data php updater.phar

And let the magic being! Answer the questions (remember to answer no at the end to take it out of maintenance mode).

We're now at 15.0.4