Using a truth serum on ______, perhaps not

You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

Sodium thiopental. Wow, that's some serious stuff. There are many avenues I'd like to take with the use of some truth serum, however, in the interest of staying interesting I'd like to use it on ____________________.

Think about it, would you want to ask ____________________ about the ____________________ or even the night after ____________________? Oh the stories that would be told. However, I do admit, there are some things I'd rather not be told as I too was there- for most of the night. Though we did agree that if they didn’t talk I wouldn't talk. Talking could be troublesome.

Now that I think about it, perhaps using a truth serum on ____________________ wouldn't be such a good idea. After all, I have a career and family to think about. There is only one of two ways to deal with this conundrum; deal with ____________________ myself or risk a serum being used on them in the future; I'll deal with this.

Wait, what am I thinking? ____________________ is a pisher in the world of ____________________. There's no need to worry. Why would they even want to talk to ____________________? Unless, of course... crap! I need to deal with this.

Written for a post promt.

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