When an excuse isn't an excuse, but life as it is

A few weeks ago I began researching the realm of meditation, Buddhism, and the general act of trying to chill out. As of late, I admit that I've somewhat strayed from my "studies" as the hurricane season lingers on and life, in general, has added the extra burden to the day that only random life-things can.

As I write that, I realize it reads as if I'm trying to verbalize an excuse as to why I'm not taking the time to meditate or conduct a self-relaxing exercise. Truth be told, that may, in fact, be exactly what it is, an excuse. What I find concerning about this "excuse" is that it's not really an excuse but a self-justification as to why I'm not doing something. As if it gives me some sort of reason to dismiss my lack of- dare I say- discipline.

Fact is though, I shouldn't be calling it an excuse nor go so far as calling it a lack of discipline. It's a self-imposed doing; wanting to learn the ways of meditation and the world of words that surround that (i.e. Buddhism). Part of learning something new is finding out our own limitations, needs, wants, and cans. I want to do this, I need to do this, and I can do this; meditate. The learning aspect is just going to take longer than I wanted it to.

It's time to find the time, sit still, and look for that inner peace.

Just Breathe.

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