Short Story

Crush and be Crushed

I was asked to give you a quick lesson on the Sylvilagus floridanus. Topics were to cover its medium height ears, the fluff of gray and/or brown, and its appropriate tail color of white. Yes, this was going to be a quick narrative of the Eastern Cottontail rabbit, specifically, those Read more…

Short Story

The son of a Hitman

Rules. There are rules for everything in life. Good or bad, the rules are there for someone to follow. Traffic? Rules. Tests? Rules. Life? Rules. Well, some rules anyway. My life has rules too. Not my rules mind you, but my father’s. Even his rules are not all his. But Read more…

Short Story

Conveyor Lady

For the most part, it was smooth. Though worn in a few areas, it was in its peak-prime-shape for sure. Sliding along on its rollers the sound was soothing to Tasha who’d just finished her daily inspection of the life of the plant. The line, better known to you an Read more…


I took a photo: B&W Jack

I was taking a photography course when I took this photo of my son Jack a few years ago. I got really lucky with the sun in the perfect angle and he in a good mood. Canon T3i


Buddhist Boot Camp [book]

I was recently recommended a book from my brother-in-law after he and I were discussing the future; more exact, my future after my military retirement. I told him that we (the family) were looking to slow way down in our daily life. His eyebrows raised a little; "Have you ever Read more…